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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

What's New - July

The July birthstone (Ruby) items were already featured in my June post - a beautiful matching earring, necklace and bracelet set with striking marquise copper frames and delicate rubies. I have also made these in several other colours which I will be listing at some point as well.
My new sheet metal will also see its debut this month in the form of another matching set - earrings and a bracelet or bangle.

These designs have rapidly become a staple in my own wardrobe; they're just so flexible, they go with everything! I already have plans to adapt them slightly to use different metals and possibly coloured wire.

I also have 2 one-of-a-kind designs for July, both use components which I won't be replacing so these 2 pieces are completely unique.

A sparkly green Aventurine coin bead sits atop a hammered, textured copper doughnut in these casual earrings.

These earrings feature the same beads but this time sat in the middle of a very different design. The delicate teardrop is one of my most popular shapes and this has some intricate wire wrapping to enhance the bottom half.

Which of my new pieces if your favourite? Mine is the simple hammered wide bangle :)

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