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Thursday, 19 May 2011

What's New - June

OK, I know, we missed May but that's because I was away for a large chunk of May and I didn't want to post about exciting new items only to put my shop in vacation mode and have no one able to buy any of them!

I've had a creative few weeks, both before and after my trip, inspired by a trip to my local beadstore and some online bead sales. I'm also slowly realising all the possibilities which have opened up since I bought my tumbler!

First a few pieces which I have mentioned before which are now ready to buy and will be listed very shortly:

I made this Circles Bangle a few months ago when I made the Circles Necklace but at the time it was much too flexible to be worn without having to worry about knocking it out of shape. A few hours in my new tumbler made it much more resistant but still flexible in a springy way so I added a clasp just to make sure it would stay put. This one is already listed on Etsy.

I mentioned this pendant in my April post as I felt a finer gauge chain would suit the small pendant better than any I already had in stock. As it turned out fine copper chain was much harder to come by than I imagined but in the end I managed to find this copper-coloured base metal chain which works well.

Not exactly a piece I've mentioned before if you read one of my March posts you will probably recognise the design. This is a necklace designed to match the Aquamarine Bubble Earrings and Bracelet which are already in my shop.

These earrings were made to match the Emerald Stack Necklace from my Fresh Cut Grass Inspiration Post but somehow fell by the wayside and didn't make it onto Etsy. I will be rectifying that later!

Now to the exciting part - the completely new designs!
These earrings have more of a vintage feel than most of my items and remind me of a fleur-de-lys. The central bead is a Brioche Agate with striking grey and brown diagonal markings. Look out for an upcoming post explaining how I made them!

These stark earrings play off the contrast between the opaque white Howlite with grey marbling and the warm hammered copper.

These earrings are a new favourite of mine - I took a pair on vacation with me! They are so delicate I just have to make a version in silver for my (fairly neglected) wedding range. A faceted Rose Quartz briolette is framed inside a very simple copper teardrop shape with a small section of wire wrapping.

Another piece for the wedding range. I haven't made a purely beaded item in a long time but these delicate beads just begged for a simple design. Both beads are June birthstones - a freshwater Pearl and a translucent Moonstone with a small Sterling Silver spacer between.

While I was looking for inspiration for June these small Rubies just kept staring at me so in the end I had to pick them up and make an early July piece...

Which turned into another matching set consisting of earrings, bracelet and pendant.

And I liked it so much I started on another set in Peridot and this set with Amethyst. The frame is black annealed steel with sterling silver wire wrapping and earwires. I'm thinking of oxidising the silver too, to bring it into line with the black of the frame. I will have to oxidise one earring and then compare the two, let me know which you think will look better.

Finally, this striking pendant. I have a post ready to go all about this one so I'm not going to go into details now.

Which of my new items is your favourite? Are there any other colour combinations you would love to see?

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