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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Focal beads

Dramatic Fire Agate Coin Beads

Besides my usual 6mm round beads and small, misshapen beads I've started to pick up a few larger beads in different shapes. These focal beads bring a much more dramatic and bold feel to the piece and are usually the sole inspiration for the design of the item.

Here are some of my designs, both old and new, which feature large focal beads:

One of my earliest designs of this style, this pendant features a twisted coin bead in Kambaba Jasper with beautiful marbled green and black patterns.

The Victoriana Earrings which were the subject of my latest crafting post. These have a teardrop-shaped Brioche Agate in the centre.

Another very early focal bead design - these Semiswircle Earrings feature a gorgeous pink and yellow Hickoryite focal bead.

Another piece I wrote about recently - the Sun Pendant which I still haven't listed on Etsy. I will be listing it alongside a whole batch of new designs which I have yet to show you!

This is one of the new designs I mentioned. I've actually already sold one pair of these before I even listed them! These feature a beautiful green Agate coin bead inside a large, chunky hoop.

I also have these stunning diamond-shaped Agate beads just waiting for the right inspiration.

Do you like larger, statement beads or do you prefer the smaller, more standard shapes?

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