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Friday, 13 January 2012

Photography Tips

So, it's the new year. Traditionally a time for reviewing, renewing and improving.
If one of your resolutions is to take better product photography (or just better photographs in general) you might be interested in a series of guest posts I wrote for Storenvy a while back.

Beginner's Photography Guide

This one covers the basics, no fancy camera needed. It also draws on a lot of points from the article I wrote way back: How to: Take great photos of jewelry

Intermediate Photography Guide

This one gets a little more advanced and introduces a few optional pieces of equipment and some settings you can use if you do have a fancy camera.

Editing Photos Guide

No matter how great you are at photography you will still need to edit pictures and editing can hide a multitude of sins, too. This guide covers the basic tools to enhance product photos.

Smartphone Photography Guide
I didn't write this one but its a great guide for people who don't have a camera at all. It's amazing what you can achieve with modern camera phones too, especially with additional editing software apps.

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