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Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Project - Wedgewood Beads

I'm back! A little later than I anticipated thanks to some computer problems but I'm really excited because I've got soooo many things to tell you about and so many ideas buzzing around my head for the new year!

For today I wanted to show you one of my Christmas presents from my mum:

These gorgeous beads are Wedgewood ceramic. Very different to anything I currently work with but I love getting different things to challenge my creativity.

She sent me beads in 2 different colours; blue and white (above) and teal and brown (right) and I got 4 of each. Both types of bead have a similar, swirled design but the blue and white are squarer and have bolder stripes.

I've already been pondering just what to make with them, I want to make sure I get the best possible use out of them! When I decide, I'll let you know and show you the finished result.

Also, if you were admiring my new, crisper photographs, well that's thanks to another of my Christmas presents. I'll be posting about that soon!

Did you get any creative presents this holiday season? Any new tools or different materials to encourage you to try new techniques, styles or designs? If you did, please share with us in the comments :)

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