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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Sneak Peek at my Craft Fair Display

I did promise you a look at my craft fair setup this week so here it is:

Craft Fair Booth Display
I don't have a long table at home so I've set it up on the base of our sofa-bed. The basic displays and table setup are finished but, as you can see, I haven't finished making all the colour variations of my items or working out where to display each piece yet. I also haven't finished the little touches - information signs, prices, decorations etc. You may also notice I haven't actually got a tablecloth yet either; in the picture I am using a sheet (too white and too small for an 8' table) and a stretch of brown kraft paper.

Enough of what I haven't done, though...

Burlap-covered display boards

I needed the display to be a fine balance of rustic and professional. I wanted it to be rustic to fit in with the style of my jewelry but I wanted to avoid also making it look cheap.

The display boards are very simple but I coated them with cream burlap, for a rustic touch, instead of the usual velvet. The light colour shows off the copper well, especially after it has tarnished a little. They also sell a darker version of the burlap which I may decide to use if I make a lot of silver jewelry later on.

I will be posting a tutorial on how to make display boards like these shortly, so look out for it if you are also designing a craft fair booth or thinking of updating one.

Distressed Easel from Morgann Hill Designs

I made most of my display myself but there were a few little touches which I bought. The 2 distressed easels supporting the 2 smaller display boards I bought from Morgann Hill Designs. They were expensive (they are designed for weddings) but they were definitely worth it. They are absolutely beautiful and I think they are one of those small details that make a big difference.

Distressed Napkin Ring from Turquoise Rollerset
I also bought these adorable distressed napkin rings from Turquoise Rollerset who specialises in distressed turquoise items. I have to say, if turquoise had fitted with my display I might have bought loads of things from there.

I stuffed the napkin rings with wadding (batting to US readers) and then covered the top with the burlap to turn them into cute little rustic ring holders.

Grape Wood Bangle Display

I probably shouldn't have paid for this one but I live in the city. It's a piece of grape vine wood which I painted white and distressed myself to use as a display for bangles. It's supported in a jam jar but I still need to work on a good filler for the jar.

Behind the bangle hanger you can also see my handmade table risers. I bought some pine planks and used them to make narrow shelves to raise up my display boards a little. I felt that some contrast was needed from all the white so I stained them a dark walnut colour and I think they still look quite rustic. They are actually not just shelves, I'm also using them to support my display stands so there is no chance of them falling over. I will write a post explaining how I did that and how to make the shelves in the next week or so.

Cedar Shelf covers from Lowe's

These cedar slats are designed to turn those wire shelves into smooth shelves suitable for storing a wider range of items. I painted and distressed these too and will use them for miscellaneous items which I will need to have on the table, such as business cards. Hopefully they will also make my table smell nice!

Anyway, sneak peek over. Since I don't have a table I probably won't lay out my full display again until I actually do a craft fair so you will have to wait until then to see the finished result of my hard work. In the meantime I'd better get back to making more colour variations for my jewelry.

Large Swirls Earrings in different colours


  1. I have all sorts of ideas for jar filler, which you've probably already figure out... but coffee beans, fall or winter candies, glass beads... personally, I think the coffee beans would be awesome. :)

  2. No, I hadn't thought of most of those, thanks so much! I think coffee beans sounds amazing too - the right colour and they'll make my table smell so inviting :)