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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Work in Progress - Creative Chaos

My desk is an absolute state right now and this extends throughout our entire apartment as well. The reason (and the answer to the question I posted on my facebook page) is that I've been preparing for Craft Shows. I'll have a post up later in the week showing my (hopefully) finished booth display!

Oh and don't worry, I haven't forgotten I promised you an explanation for my last 'Work in Progress' post. Everything has taken a backseat to preparing for the craft shows but as soon as I get my displays finished and extra jewelry made I will have that post up for you too!

The mess on my workbench

In this snapshot you can see... everything! I have tools all over the place, some freshly soldered stud earrings ready to tumble, handmade copper components ready to be wire-wrapped and/or attached to other things and a whole pile of components just out the tumbler and waiting to be fished out of the pile of steel shot.

Also, in the top left corner, you can see my current attempts to accurately price my items. I've started making notecards for each item telling me how long each takes to make and exactly how many of each component they need as well as how long to cut each piece of wire. I'm working on this side by side with increasing my inventory ready for the craft shows because I can time how long it takes to make each item as I go.

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