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Monday, 10 October 2011

Finding Great Tweeters

Image from Under 30 CEO
You may remember a looong time ago I mentioned my struggles with Twitter and the fact that I had decided to renew my efforts to make that relationship work. I started by offering a few suggestions into how to clean out the people you follow and I promised future posts with more ideas.

Well it's been a bumpy ride and there have been several occasions when I didn't think there would ever be any more posts about Twitter as I lapsed into ignoring it again.

However, since I rebranded I have been going around all the social and crafty sites updating my username or creating new accounts. Which led me to Twitter again and since I was using a new name I decided to start completely from scratch so I could pay careful attention to the process I use to find tweeters, work out what works, and then share it with you.
  1. Follow people from blogs, shops or facebook pages you already love
  2. Check out people they retweet or recommend and add them if you like the look of their stream
  3. Join twitter conversations about things you are interested in (more on this in another post)
  4. Look out for people who post advice about running a craft business / making what you make / blogging or who generally promote work that you like or is similar to yours
Image from Twitter Tips Central

Since restarting on twitter I am a total convert - I have already gained several great opportunities just through meeting new people on twitter, not to mention 'meeting' loads of really interesting people and having some great conversations!

I'll be sharing what I've learnt in a future post or two, look out for an upcoming post about tweet chats (the best thing about twitter in my opinion) and also approaching twitter with the right mentality.

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