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Sunday, 10 July 2011

New Look, New Home

Carnelian Beads
You may have noticed that the blog has had a little facelift and is sporting a new name and a new address. If you were wondering why, wonder no longer:

The name 'Carnelion' originally stemmed from the username and avatar name I used on the majority of websites and computer games. It was based on the red gemstone Carnelian, because my characters had red hair at the time, but I deliberately changed the spelling to make it slightly different.

When I first started making jewelry it made sense to me to continue using the name that had become like my nickname. I wasn't using gemstones at all so I didn't think the association would be a problem. Since then my designs have evolved a lot and I do now use gemstones, including Carnelian, so the name 'Carnelion' has been a minor annoyance nagging in the back of my brain.

Now I'm nearly out of my original batch of business cards and on the verge of making some exciting changes to my store I decided now was the right time to rebrand.

The name 'Embergrass' was chosen to represent the inspiration, emotions and style of the jewelry I make now. 'Ember' refers directly to the heat and flame I use in annealing and soldering my pieces, 'grass' is more an abstract reference to the simple, light and casual style of the items - reminiscent of a breeze blowing through tall grass.

Over the next few weeks I will be gradually updating all my websites and stores. Some are a lot easier to change than others, for a few I will have to open a brand new account. I will keep you posted on all the changes and also on the other changes I will be making at the same time!

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