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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

What's New - April

I've got a few new pieces I'd like to share with you for this month :)

Of course there is a new birthstone piece - Quartz for April. This time, instead of a matching bracelet and earrings I have made earrings and a pendant. However I decided that the smaller size and more delicate feel of the pendant meant that it would work better on a finer chain so I am ordering some in, until then just the earrings will be available to buy.
Teardrop Earrings
If you loved my Aquamarine Bubbles set but prefer chunkier jewelry, the next items are for you :) Using my new 14 gauge wire I have created some thicker circles and used them in another bracelet and earring set in a similar style to the Bubbles set. This particular set is made using blue Sodalite but, as always, I can make the same design using any colour of gemstone bead I currently have in stock.

The rustic texture from hammering is much more visible on the larger circles and the thicker wire lends a much bolder, chunkier feel to the pieces.
Do you prefer the more delicate feel of the finer wire or is chunky more your style?

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