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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Asymmetric Necklaces

Has anyone else noticed that lately the trend in necklaces is increasingly towards asymmetric designs?

Asymmetry has been seen for a while in items like torcs and chokers, which sit high on the neck and are usually rigid. This elven-style bridal torc is a stunning example.

Bridal Torc by ElnaraNiall

More recently slightly longer and more flexible designs have started to feature asymmetry. The major design trend seems to be to place the focal point of the necklace to one side and then have the chain continue down and around. Often the lowest part of the necklace will be beaded as well.
Here are 3 very different examples of this style of design:

Denise Jewelry Designs
Spiderella Studio

Another asymmetric trend is to have one length of chain or design continue down after the 2 have met in the middle. Often a dangle of some kind is placed on the end.
Here are a few beautiful examples:

Forevermore Creations

Also from Forevermore Creations

Le Collezione

An experiment in soldering a flower resulted in a focal piece I decided would lend itself perfectly to the 2nd style of necklace. A few golden Citrine beads later and I produced this summery piece:

The flower is made from six individual copper petals soldered together. I added some gold tone wire wrap around the centre to represent pollen and to add some contrast. However, since I made it I have decided that the flower is too large for the necklace and that I can do a better job on the soldering since I've had some more practise. So I'm going to remake the flower and then I will be listing this on Etsy, look out for it :)

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