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Thursday, 1 December 2011

SF Etsy Team at Baz Biz

I mentioned Bazaar Bizarre a few days ago and I said there were lots of members of the SF Etsy team vending there. Well there are and I've found a list of (hopefully) most of them so I am going to be able to share some of the awesome, locally made things you will be able to buy if you head down to Baz Biz this weekend.

I'll start with jewelry, since that's what this blog is mostly all about:

Lemonade Handmade
Bug Under Glass
Velvet Otterhound
Jenny Archie
Zelma Rose
Mediums to Masses
Mangosteen Jewelry
That's quite a lot of jewelry artists! And so varied, too! So I'll just add a few of my favourite items from other types of sellers from the team:

Nicole Steward
Geraldine Adams
Recycled Glassworks
Which are your favourite?

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