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Friday, 2 December 2011

New Long Necklaces

Sundrops Long Necklace
This necklace has had a lot of love since I first listed it a few months ago. Long necklaces are such a staple of the boots-and-leggings-or-skinny-jeans type wardrobe and copper fits perfectly with that style too, so it's hardly surprising. I think my own copy is probably the single most worn item in my collection!

But, no longer. I've finally expanded my long necklace collection with, not one but three new styles!

The first is heavily inspired by the current Squares line and keeps the simplicity and regularity of the Sundrops necklace above.

Squares Long Necklace

The second is similar again but takes its inspiration from a custom piece I made in August and features a focal pendant in addition to the decoration of different sized solid and hollow circles around the length. This new necklace will be the signature piece for the Circles line when I revive it in January.

Circles Long Necklace

The final necklace is much more dramatic and has a more modern feel with its straight lines and regular bars. This is the first in a completely new (unnamed) line and I'm currently working on a matching bracelet.

One more new thing is the chain I'm using for all my pieces. I've upgraded from a fine copper rollo chain of unknown metal composition to the pictured double rollo copper plated chain. Every link in the new chain is made from 2 tiny, tiny little copper links, which lends a much higher quality look to the pieces (though it's very annoying trying to thread both links!)

Look out for these necklace on my shops soon, I'll do my best to get them listed by the end of the week so there is enough time to buy them for Christmas gifts. I still have a few other new things on the way as well!

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