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Thursday, 17 November 2011


Wow, it's been a really long time since I posted about new designs. I've had such a lot to do with preparing for my first craft fair and I've also been trying to get all my spreadsheets in order and make sure I know exactly how much its costs me to make each item as well as how long it takes me.

The problem is that most of that is boring so I've had to force myself not to even think about new ideas because then I'd have to sit down and make them and the boring stuff would just never get done.

I did allow myself a little time to make a few new items in the end though. Whilst I was frantically attempting to be a production line I did decide that my display really needed a few different items (not earrings!) to give a bit of structure and line. So I allowed myself to make a few very simple new items which would fulfill that purpose.

Squares Pendant

The first of these is the Squares line - a completely new line, currently featuring a pendant and earrings. These debuted at the craft fair in Santa Rosa and were an instant hit, in fact, I sold out of all but the display copies while I was there! Needless to say, I will be making more and, now I have the photos taken, will be listing them in my shop very shortly.

Squares Earrings

Next are 3 new pieces for the Sundrops line. These have one of the simplest designs in my shop and are designed for people who prefer small and delicate jewelry.

Sundrops Pendant
The earrings pictured have a small, turquoise Apatite bead on but they are also available in green Peridot and orange Carnelian or without a bead at all.

Sundrops Apatite Earrings

The bracelet is a simple, charm style with many handcut copper discs attached to a copper curb chain. As always, I can make it in custom sizes on request.

Sundrops Charm Bracelet

The final piece I made new for the craft fair is this pair of earrings. A rectangular, African Opal bead sits atop a small fringe of fine copper chain.

African Opal Earrings
The other things I did make in the run up to the craft fair were many colour-variations on existing designs so if you loved a piece but not its colour look out for those options online soon!

I have been holding several more complicated ideas in my head over the last few weeks and, just as soon as I get my spreadsheets finished and my current items listed, I will finally be making those and sharing them with you just in time for the holidays!

If you like any of these items keep an eye out for them in my shop, I will be listing them before the end of next week.

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