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Friday, 18 November 2011


Are you on Pinterest?

If you haven't heard of Pinterest you are missing out! I have to admit, I ignored it for a long time before a friend of mine finally explained exactly how great it was to me.

If you love collecting things, beautiful pictures or browsing the internet for pretty things this site is for you. If you have a strong sense of personal style which you want to share, or if you prefer to be inspired by others, you will love Pinterest. One warning, though, it can get addictive!

So what, exactly, is it?

It's a website that acts like a virtual pinboard. Any pictures you see on the internet can be pinned with a couple of mouse clicks. You can create different boards for different categories to keep all your inspirations separate and you can browse hundreds and hundreds of things other people have pinned. If you find pins you like from other people you can repin them onto your own boards as well and if you find people who regularly pin things you love, you can follow them.

Sample of a few of my Pinterest boards

If you're interested to see some of the things I love besides jewelry or want a peek at the images and ideas which inspire my jewelry then check out my Pinterest page:

I'd love to see some of things which inspire you, too, so let me know your Pinterest account (or follow me) so I can follow your boards :)

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