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Monday, 28 November 2011

Inspiration - Fog

Living in San Francisco I see a lot of fog so this post had to come up eventually! Last night and this morning were particularly foggy and we could hear the foghorns, of the ships traversing the bay, over and over again. Now there is a completely clear sky and a beautiful sunset!

I don't really like fog, its cold, damp and miserable, not to mention cutting out the sunshine but it can create an amazing atmosphere and some really beautiful images. I'm hoping to reverse, or at least reduce, my hatred of it through writing this post.

Misty Tones from Design Seeds

This colour palette is surprisingly... well... colourful! I tend to think of fog as grey and turning everything else grey but sufficiently vibrant colours can still stand out through it.

I am convinced that fog can be beautiful even if I stick to the grey colours, though, so I'm limiting the palette for the treasury.

Fog Treasury on Etsy

I hope you like it! Please share any fog-inspired things you make or find :)

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