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Monday, 21 November 2011

Inspiration - Chocolate

I've been eating a lot of chocolate recently. I always seem to crave it if I'm a little cold and now the weather has turned that's happening a lot more often. I'm also lucky because, at the moment, I have a bar of (friend imported) Dairy Milk in the cupboard *and* I've managed to find imported Cadbury's Chocolate Fingers in Walgreen's!!

Chocolate is the perfect pick-me-up and its so versatile. You can use it for baking, melting, drinking and just straight out eating. You can buy bars of chocolate to munch on or buy really expensive, fancy chocolates to make yourself feel special. I suppose its abundance and variety is due to the popularity of its flavour - hardly anyone doesn't like it but loads of people absolutely love it!

Scooped Tones from Design Seeds

I hope you find some inspiration from these gorgeous items, even it's just to go and eat some chocolate :)

Chocolate Treasury on Etsy

Let me know if you make something inspired by this post.... and if you have any delicious chocolate recipes please post them too!

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