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Monday, 31 October 2011

Inspiration - Paper

My day has thus far been spent trying to source paper gift bags to put my jewelry in for people who buy it at craft fairs. With paper on the brain I decided it might be a good topic for today's inspiration post.

Tagged Hues from Design Seeds
It was surprisingly easy to find beautiful and varied things under the search 'paper'. I was expecting to have to include a few items just for the colour but I think every single thing in this treasury is actually made of paper. Who would have thought paper could be so versatile!

Paper Treasury on Etsy
Enjoy! Oh and don't forget to post any items you find or make which are inspired by this post :)


  1. I've had Christmas decorations on the brain and the Design Seeds image reminded me that I want to make some burlap Christmas stockings for our "mantle" this year. I'm thinking something that looks a bit like this: but maybe with a more Christmas themed cuff.

  2. Oooh cute! I wonder if I'll have time to make something similar myself. I need to assess my Christmas decoration situation and work out what to make this year!