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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Featured Artist - A Second Time

I was feeling in the mood for a little sparkle and this week's artist - A Second Time - delivers beautifully (yes those are diamonds!). Sparkle can so often be overdone or completely lacking in innovation but this shop is neither. 

Rough Diamond and Sterling Silver Ring
This ring was the piece that made me decide to feature this shop - it's such a unique design!

Sterling Silver and Genuine Rough Diamond Squiggle Necklace
Here is another simple yet unique design, also featuring a beautiful rough diamond.

Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Anniversary Band
This ring is a little more traditional but has a chunky, raw feel that keeps it simple.

Sterling Silver Lei Bangle
I love the textured pattern on this bangle and it'll be just as nice when it oxidises a little as well.
A Second Time has a wide variety of items, including many steampunk and vintage, and I've only shown you the ones which satisfied my sparkle craving so visit their store to see more.

If you know of a jewelry artist I should feature, please let me know by leaving a comment here or on twitter (@embergrass)


  1. Thank you for featuring my shop and my work! A true honor!