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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Featured Artist - Eclectic by Taylor Twig

This week's featured artist couldn't be more adorable! Taylor Twigg makes very delicate and colourful jewelry from sterling silver and paper!

My favourite are these forget-me-not earrings; it's such a beautiful shade of blue that goes so perfectly with the silver. There are also rings in the same style!

Forget-me-not Earrings

This necklace captures the movement of a tree blowing in the wind so clearly and has such fresh charm.

Lemon Grove Tree Necklace

And there are earrings in the same style!

Lime Grove Tree Earrings

They aren't all flowers and leaves, there are more abstract pieces like this adorable bubbles necklace.

Bubbles Necklace

I want to leave you with the slightly bolder style of these earrings. The larger sections give a less delicate, but no less beautiful, feel.

Poppy Earrings

Do you know of a unique and beautiful jewelry artist that I should know about? Leave a link in the comments if you do.


  1. This is wonderful! Thank you so much for featuring my work on your site! I love it and very much appreciate it! Thank you!


  2. You are very welcome, your jewelry is so pretty!

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