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Friday, 14 October 2011

Find Fab Blogs

Do you, like me, constantly check your blog reader throughout the day and get disappointed every time it turns up empty? Or maybe you've come across a few awesome blogs and now you're wondering how to find more?

Do you have an art/design/craft/food blog and wonder how on earth you can get more followers?

If you have a twitter account there is an easy solution to all those problems - @FabBlogBlitz. It's a new initiative by the folks at Faberuna (a great blog if you like staring at beautiful handcrafted items) to share and promote blogs.

 Every Monday from 12 noon to 1pm PST you can join in the twitter conversation by searching #FabBlogBlitz (it helps if you follow @FabBlogBlitz too). If you want everyone else to be able to see what you add to the conversation, just remember to use the hashtag #FabBlogBlitz somewhere in your tweet.

Like I said, it's a new thing so there aren't many of us there yet but @FabBlogBlitz always has several gorgeous blogs to share, I'm already following several new ones :)

At the end of the hour one of the blogs discussed is chosen to be 'blitzed' and every member of the conversation goes and leaves a comment somewhere on that blog. So it's a great way to get more people to see your blog and to make new twitter friends at the same time!

You should definitely check it out, I'll see you on Monday (oh and while you're there don't forget to follow me too: @embergrass!)