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Friday, 1 April 2011

Another Sea Glass Piece

The turquoise piece, which sold on
Etsy a few months ago
Last year I posted about a Sea Glass Pendant I made, amongst other things. It was my first attempt at incorporating focal points without holes in (cabochons) and I was surprisingly pleased with the result.

The day I found that turquoise piece of sea glass, I also found a similar white piece. Initially I was waiting on some inspiration on the design to use for the white piece and then I lost it when I moved house.

Initial stages - creating the wire cage

Anyway, the other day I dug out my scraps collection for some long-overdue scrapbooking and I found that white sea glass in the bottom of the box.

I decided not to wait any longer for inspiration but to just go ahead and wrap it, letting the style take shape as I went.

My wire manipulation skills have greatly improved since I made the first pendant and I found it much easier. I did try out a couple of new techniques but the overall style remains very similar. I used silver instead of copper and kept all the swirls near the top of the pendant this time, like froth on the top of a wave.

If you like this one-of-a-kind pendant keep an eye out on my Etsy shop over the next week!

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