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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Featured Artist - KUKLAstudio

With so many jewelry artists on Etsy there are hundreds of very similar items and hundreds more pieces which use the same style, so its always nice to come across an artist who has managed to find a unique niche.

The advent of spring seems like a perfect time to introduce this artist who clearly takes so much inspiration from nature. KUKLAstudio makes beautiful designs in wire and then adds rich, vibrant colours, creating a stunning stained glass effect and setting the jewelry aside from anything else.

I had such a hard time choosing which items to feature from this shop as I love them all!
Fortunately my love of butterflies meant that I simply had to share these earrings!

Wouldn't you love to wear such a beautiful landscape scene from your ears?

For a more dramatic touch how about these? The colours are simply stunning!

Each and every one of these pieces is a miniature work of art, managing to be bold and delicate at the same time. I can't help but think of a sketchbook, filled during a warm spring day in the country, drawn in pencil and delicately coloured with colouring pencils or watercolours. What does this jewelry make you think of?


  1. A really nice artist to feature...I've seen her items on Etsy and they are very beautiful. Very unique and artistic work. Thank you for sharing.