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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Featured Artist - Tina Mezek Design

I love browsing the jewelry category on Etsy. There are so many beautiful pieces of jewelry, so many unique designs and talented artists. I want to share those I find, one by one.

Today I'm starting with Tina Mezek Design. A huge amount of care and attention, not to mention time, has clearly gone into each and every piece in the store. I particularly love the way beads and wire and standard wire wrapping techniques have been used to create such unique pieces. Wire wrapped items are often fancy and detailed or simple and rustic, these are all bold and dramatic!

This is the piece that first caught my eye -  a stunning necklace that manages to be bold and elegant, just as beautiful with an evening gown or a pair of jeans!

This is another of my favourites - such a striking shape.

Much of the jewelry is brightly coloured like this bangle. The curving, solid shapes filled with bright beads stand out so beautifully and are truly unique.
What do you think? Do you love this style as much as I do?

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