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Sunday, 20 March 2011


My most recent circle project
in progress

Since I got my blowtorch and started soldering I have become a little obsessed with circles.

There is just something so attractive about rustic hammered circles. Different sizes, the same size, large, small, dangling or in links.

Bubble Bracelet

It started with the bubble set which uses a combination of small circles and tiny jump rings, not to mention the spherical beads.

Circles Necklace

I couldn't leave it there, I had to create this necklace with even more different sizes of circle.

I'm always trying to create unique designs for bangles as so many follow the same 3 or 4 styles. Enter the circles... again.

Circles Bangle

This bangle is designed to match the circles necklace above, though I left out the chain. I love the way it turned out but unfortunately, even though the wire was hammered before and after soldering, it's too flexible to be durable enough to wear often. I'm hoping to get a rotary tumbler soon so I can harden pieces like this but until I do you will have to wait to buy this dramatic bangle :)

I thought that was quite enough circles and I resolved to move onto something else but I just couldn't stay away. I did stick to something a lot simpler though. I want to make more wire-only pieces which use coloured wire to add vibrance and these cute earrings are the first in an attempt to branch that way and will be on Etsy soon. Look out for more brightly coloured jewelry coming soon, possibly even some without any circles in!

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