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Sunday, 5 December 2010

Bootcamp Week 8

I'm still working on the previous Bootcamp tasks but I'm hoping that won't interfere with completing this week's. Let's take a look...

Read this week's blog post
Plan for Cyber Monday


Task 1 and the blog post is a fairly general list of things that are new around Etsy and tools to support buyers and sellers through the holiday shopping season.

Cyber Monday has already passed so I guess I missed the boat on task 2!

Task 3 is for people just starting Bootcamp or who missed a week or several. I did miss weeks but I have caught up on them all up to this stage so I guess there is nothing for me to do here either!

Task 5 involves something I haven't already done but I already have an Etsy mini on my blog so I'm not sure a badge is necessary. Plus I don't want it to get too crowded, I already have quite a few things on there! I think I'll leave out this one too... wow that was an easy week!

I'll take the spare time to continue working on last week's extended tasks :S

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