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Friday, 3 December 2010

Bootcamp Week 7

Well I've sorted my photos, scrutinised my prices for my newly listed items and made loads of new pieces... what will bootcamp have in store today? Let's see...

Read this week's blog post
Develop a marketing plan

Ok Task 1:
The blog post is all about marketing during the holiday season, particularly about how to stand out from the crowd at a time when every store of every size and type, online of offline, is also trying to market themselves. It mainly suggests the use of social media to provide help and guidance for customers rather than simply telling people about your product. Its a useful article, clearly written and to-the-point and talks about ideas I haven't really had time to consider so far. Let's see how task 2 relates to it...

Task 2:
Having had a look at this task I can see its going to take a while to complete. There are 3 worksheets to fill out and many questions involve market research. I'm going to have to take this one away for homework and get back to you when I've done it :P

Task 3:
Ok this one puts me right out of my comfort zone - I hate pushing myself onto people. However I guess I have to start sometime and that is the whole point of the Bootcamp after all. So here goes...
First to find a blog that might be interested in my work. I'm going back to a previous bootcamp post for inspiration on keywords to search for. I think its important that I like the blog, not just that the blog might like me so once I've found a few potentials I'm going to follow them for a while to get a feel for them before choosing.

I'll update you on both these tasks in a week or so

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