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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sneaky Previews

I have had most of these items hidden behind the scenes for quite some time now, though you may have spotted a few here and there in previous posts. My lack of decent, cohesive photographs was making me very reluctant to list the items and as I worked on the pictures the collection grew.

Finally I now have the pictures I need so these items will be going in my Etsy shop later today and over the next few days. To see them first, just scroll down :)

These earrings are inspired by the smooth, curving shapes found in nature. The design is quite simple, with just 2 pieces of shaped, copper wire held together with 2 small, gold wire wraps, but the effect is beautiful

Very similar in design to the previous pair, these earrings feature a very slight difference in shape to the wire which results in a very different style. The wire wrap on these is a dark grey instead of gold.

Another design inspired by flowing, graceful curves, this one is even simpler but very striking. A small glass crackle dangles from the loop and a delicate, matching wire-wrap accents the middle.

One of the first pieces to use my new stock of gemstone beads, these are a more decorated take on my popular copper earrings. This pair features small, green aventurine nuggets wrapped around the inside of the loop and reminds me of a geode.

Another gemstone piece, this pendant's warm autumn glow comes from small, round carnelian beads. The pointed marquise shape is softened with a spiral in the centre, from which a larger carnelian bead hangs. Gold-coloured wire is used for the wrapping to create a trio of warm colours.

This pendant was featured in yesterday's blog, though in a different shade of wire wrapping. This piece uses inward curving swirls but follows the flowing shapes of the earrings shown above. It reminds me of a Venus Fly Trap!

Instead of small gemstone beads wrapped into the shape, I've used a large, Jasper coin bead as a focal point for this pendant and continued the black theme using annealed steel wire for the wrapping.

Another pure wire pendant, this piece has a very curved shape, accentuated with very delicate, peacock blue wire wrapping.

I have a few more pieces I can't wait to show you but a few still aren't ready and this post is long enough already! Once I get these pieces listed I will work on another preview post for the remaining items. 

If you would like the chance to win some of my jewelry (and who doesn't want free stuff!?) check out my facebook page  tomorrow for more information. If you aren't already a facebook fan now is a good time to become one! :)

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