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Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Destash Sale!

I realise that this is completely the wrong time of year for spring cleaning but re-doing my website made me realise that my style of jewelry has changed rather significantly since I first began.

What started out as simple strings of beads hooked onto earwires slowly evolved into pieces almost exclusively made from shaped wire. I am very happy with the transition, I feel that my newer items are much more original and they stretch my imagination more. However it does mean that all the beads I purchased with which to make beaded jewelry are now redundant.

Much as it pains me to empty out my beautiful, colourful bead trays, there is no point in having beads sitting around not doing anything. So I have spent my day packaging them all up ready to sell on Etsy. Its taken a lot longer than I expected and I'm still not done, there are a few more beads to package and photos to take (fingers crossed for a sunny day tomorrow).

My workbench has been taken over with packets and packets of beads!

In the next few days I will get these listed on Etsy so if you are a beader or know someone who is, or even if you know someone who might like to start and think they would appreciate a packet or 2 for Christmas, be sure to check it out :)

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