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Thursday, 26 August 2010

There should always be time for thanks

Acknowledging the people who support you has got to be a really important part, not just of running a business, but of being a person. Its too easy to get too focused on yourself and what you're doing sometimes to even realise who has supported you. I want to make sure I make time for people who do something to help me out, no matter how small.

Today that support has been by being a fan of my facebook page and frequently "liking" the new listings I post there. This may sound like a really small thing to do and sure, it doesn't take much time but it means a lot. For starters it means that they didn't just "like" my page then hide it from their feed. It also means that they  actually looked at the posts coming up in their feed and then liked some of them enough to click the "like button. As well as the ego boost this also gives me a better idea of what kinds of items people prefer so I know what to make more of :)

There are actually 2 people who have supported me in this way recently. One is my good friend Abby Stopper who is currently an Interior Design and Architecture student. I'm not going to talk too much about her because I'm fairly sure she will come up again in future blog posts :) but she has a blog of her own and you should really check it out if you are into interiors in anyway (who isn't!)

The other is rhealeanne who has a beautiful Etsy store with some lovely jewelry items in. I want to show you a few of my favourites here :)
I love the colours in these earrings and the beautiful antiqued bead caps!

And this stunning filigree flower is beautifully accented with the red beads and flower.

It's the colour combinations that get me again with these pretty pink creations, so simple but so gorgeous

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