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Saturday, 7 August 2010

Step-up the wirework

I have finally been inspired to create more intricate and complicated wire designs! I've always felt this was a direction I wanted my jewelry to go in but something was holding me back from making that leap. I headed a little way on that route with my recent hammered wire pieces and I still love the elegance of the simple designs but I wanted to build on that with something a little more complicated.

The 2 Etsy shops that finally inspired me to have a go are Alicia's Elements and Artifacts and Jewlie Beads so I wanted to start by showcasing a few of their pieces which I admire the most.

From Elements and Artifacts:

If you want to see more jewelry from Alicia (and see pieces before they go on Etsy) you should check out her blog

From Jewlie Beads:

Many of the items in Jewlie Beads are actually tutorials so if you fancy having a go at making one of these designs yourself check them out!

Ok, now for the pieces that I have created...

My designs are still simpler than the ones which inspired me and that may change over time but simple items are more me anyway, so I'm not going to work on it. 

All of these items will be appearing on my Etsy shop in the next few days, though they may have updated photos by then!

I'm still experimenting as well so check back soon to see more new designs! The 2 artists I featured use much earthier tones and I really like them so my next designs will probably less colourful.

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