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Friday, 27 August 2010

If you are an Etsy Seller you will LOVE Craftopolis is a pretty simple looking site. It only has 1 page and the only links on it are adverts for other Etsy sellers. Until you put any details in most of the middle is blank.

However, after all of 3 clicks it can show you a wealth of information! Start by typing in your Etsy username and then tell it to import your Etsy data. Tada! An instant list of who "hearted" your shop and when.

The real value of this site comes in with a few more clicks though. If you already have Google Analytics you will know how great it is for finding out how to promote your store. However, if you're anything like me you will find all those numbers and graphs a little overwhelming and confusing. This is where Craftopolis comes in. You can also import all your data from Google Analytics to see how many people visited your shop each day and how many people viewed each item each day. Not to mention the tags people used to search for and find your items. It looks so much prettier and simpler than the Analytics interface so if you were put off using Analytics try using it in combination with Craftopolis for a much nicer experience.

This is what Craftopolis looks like for my Etsy Shop :)

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