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Saturday, 6 March 2010

What else can you make jewelry from?

Whilst we are all used to jewelry made from precious stones, glass and metal, there are so many more materials out there which can create jewelry just as beautiful. 

Resin beads are quite common as are ceramic or porcelain and, of course, plastic in cheaper or more alternative jewelry. 

Polymer clay and similar substances can be used to create very cute, quirky designs and feathers, shells, pieces of wood and other natural items can be used to great effect as well. Natural materials can be highly polished, carved or stained or left entirely in their original state for a more rustic look.

Fabrics of all kinds have been used throughout the ages, ribbons or elegant lace or plain fabric used as a base on which to sew decoration.

< Feather Hairclip from Eclectic Bride, just one of several feather designs by them.

Wild pheasant feather earrings made by me and available from my Etsy shop >

< These stunning earrings found at Rain of Fire Blog have a tiny origami swan in the centre and there are loads more jewelry designs, all featuring amazing origami beads!

This very cute bracelet on the right is made from recycled magazines. If eco-friendly is your thing then M W Gregory has more designs made from a variety of recycled products.

< This intricate porcelain necklace is one of many delft-style pieces from Harriet Damave on Etsy

and this unbelievably cute ring that looks just like a plate of cookies is made from polymer clay with a ceramic plate base. Design by Le  Chou Chou who also sells lots more tasty-looking jewelry >

This lace bracelet is made by Frill Seekerz who have several other designs all made from lace or other fabrics, often recycled from old dresses, tablecloths... you get the idea! >
^ And this elegant lace necklace is one of many beautiful lace designs from Bejewelled Bespoke Designs

< This beautiful shell necklace from Astonishing Handmade has been left almost completely natural, allowing the gold findings to really bring out the warmth of the shells.
Finally this earthy bracelet is crafted with wooden, carved bone and burnt horn beads in addition to the silver charms and turquoise stones. It is available from Jonara Blu on Etsy. ^

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