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Friday, 5 March 2010

See the goodies I bought today

Today I took a trip to General Bead in San Francisco to pick up some goodies for my beading projects.
I found loads of stuff, though sadly not everything I was hoping for. I love how beads and stuff are all so tiny; I spent nearly $100 and it all fitted in this little paper bag! >

< I found these cute little sterling silver butterflies which I am going to use to make earrings with. If I like them maybe I will buy some more and make a matching necklace or bracelet.

These copper leaves and brass hoops are also going to serve as the basis for a pair of earrings.

I've fallen in love with copper jewelry, especially antiqued copper, and I've been stocking up on copper findings. Today I got some copper chain and some lobster clasps to add to my copper stocks.

I also got loads of beads, some beautiful Czech glass ones and lots of crystal-coloured swarovski crystals for my wedding range, including these cute love hearts. >

Check back in a few days to see what I've made with these materials :)

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