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Wednesday, 17 March 2010

My first Twitter followers!

I follow some amazing crafters on twitter and I wanted to give them the recognition they deserve so I have decided to devote an occasional blog post entirely to these inspiring jewelry designers.

I'm starting off with a few of the very first people who followed me on twitter, even though they didn't really have any idea who I was or if I was worth following. Thanks for the faith :)

This beautiful handmade glass pendant from Glowing Glass Studio  (@glowingglass1) is 1 of many absolutely gorgeous handmade glass items in a huge range of colours and styles. This store is a must see!

 Angela Smith (@pearlysmith) has a beautiful blog showcasing some of her stunning jewelry creations and items made by people participating in her workshops, like this sparkly swarovski necklace above.

@lovelytrinkets  makes these beautiful wire-wrapped items in some unique designs. There are so many nice ones it was really hard to choose which picture to use! They are available on Etsy from Faith's Lovely Trinkets

 Uurte Design (@Uurte) from Finland makes these strikingly simple designs in wood

Finally check out this Etsy shop from @TheRiverIs for a wide range of jewelry, from cute to pretty to vintage to modern. This unique bracelet was the piece that caught my eye but there are many more lovely items available as well and with such a wide variety, something to suit everyone!

That's all for now, if I featured all my followers I'd have a post a mile long but I will be making more posts in the future with some of my other followers in. Plus some could well be featured in my regular blog posts as well :)


  1. Hi Claire,
    Thank you for posting some jewellery from my blog, and your lovely comments. I wish I could take full credit for the item you posted, although it was inspired by one of my designs it was actually made by an attendee of one of my jewellery making workshops. I do wish you every success with your own beautiful jewellery

  2. Ah, sorry, I should have been less general, I have re-worded it.

    And thank you :)