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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Once a Month Promise - February

I know I'm cutting this one right to the line but my (lame) excuse is that February has fewer days!

Anyway, coral has been on my mind lately, as I'm on the hunt for a coral bridesmaid's dress, so I'm suddenly finding myself attracted to a colour I normally shun.

This month's Once a Month Promise item is a perfect example:

Fused Glass Cabochons from Outrageous
I simply couldn't resist that bright, happy colour so I've ordered these fused glass cabochons. I already have something in mind for them, inspired by a piece I saw on the Oscars on Sunday. It should push my skills in a new technique as well so I'm really excited. They're coming from Australia, though, so who knows when they will arrive, fingers crossed it's soon, I can't wait!

What of last month's item?
Well as soon as they arrived I was inspired and knew exactly what to create with them. Unfortunately I've... misplaced the item so I can't photograph it to show you! I'm hoping a proper tidy/sort out in the next few days will reveal it, otherwise I'm going to have to buy another set and make another one (or 2, I really want to keep one for myself!)

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