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Thursday, 2 February 2012

How to: Add Pinterest button to Storenvy products

Just a quick post as I've been working hard on updating my website and trying to collect my site, my store and my blog all in one place and giving them a cohesive look. I'm very happy with the way it's going but I'm not done yet so I need to get back to it.

However, I discovered this little trick while I was working on the html behind my Storenvy store and I thought you might want to know.

Pinterest allows you to add a button to your website to encourage people to pin what they find there. Obviously if you are an online seller its a great idea to have a button next to all your products and you can do that through this Pinterest page (scroll down to the ' "Pin It" Button for Websites' section)

However, you will quickly notice that if you use that page you are required to type the URL of the product page and the product image - this means you would have to make a button for each and every one of your products. Not only would that be time consuming, you don't actually have access to the html for individual product pages on Storenvy.

But you can still add a Pinterest button and the good news is that you only need to make the button once!

You need to edit the html directly of your "Product" page.

Find the section that looks like this:

Then copy and paste this section of code directly after it:


It should end up looking like this:


  1. I can't find that spot on storenvy. It would be so easier to do it your way.

  2. Its in "Store Admin" > "Design" > "Edit Pages" > "Product"

    Yell if you need a hand

  3. You're welcome, hope you get lots of pins :)

  4. Hi mintandpetrichor, you're right, thanks for mentioning it. It was an issue with blogger not converting the html to text properly so I have changed the input so the code shows up differently and exactly as it should be. It should work now.

  5. Thank you so much for this info! Very helpful. I just added it to my storenvy page. I was wondering this: Are your posts on Pinterest of your products showing up on the gifts page when you put the price at the end? (Like Sea Breeze earrings $32) I've found that most of the items on the gift page are coming from Etsy, Amazon, and a handful of other places. But the cool items I've pinned on Storenvy (Your sea breeze earrings being part of them) aren't showing up in the gifts section, even when I pin them in that format. What are your thoughts on this?

  6. Aaah I must have done something wrong... I tried to do a sample pin to test it, and it isn't pinning. Hmmmmmm.

  7. You're welcome. I didn't know about the gift page, I will have to look into it.

    You're right, it's not working for me at the moment either, I'm not sure why that is, it might be a problem with Pinterest, I can't see any problems with the code but I might have missed something, I'll have another look later.

  8. I keep thinking that the gift page is sponsored or something. The only things showing up on the gift page are from certain sources. I'm wondering if it is all people who have the pin it button possibly? let me know what you find