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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Featured Artist - Michele Grady Designs

The featured artist posts are back! I love sharing awesome jewelry artists with you and I've found a few more great ones :) I've also started a Pinterest board with pictures from all the jewelry artists who have ever been featured on this blog.

This week the artist is Michele Grady Designs. She works in Sterling Silver mostly but also with Copper and gemstones. Her style is very bold, chunky and industrial, featuring lots of texture and patina. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Constricted Heart Charm
This one is perfect for the rapidly-approaching Valentines day! I love the colours and the way the patina highlights the wire.

Wrinkled Skin Cuff

Grapevine Cuff

Here are 2 very different Sterling cuffs yet obviously both the same style. The first is accented with Carnelian and Copper, the second with Amber.

Which Michele Grady piece is your favourite?


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