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Sunday, 11 September 2011

New packaging

New Embergrass Stickers
A new brand requires new branding materials and I decided to take this opportunity to really go to town on the packaging and presentation of my products. I was already pretty happy with the actual packaging of my items but I realised there were several extra things I could add to spread my brand more and make my jewelry look more professional.

Inner Packaging
Old-Brand packages ready to post
I loved the tissue paper wrapping I was already using, finished off with the logo-branded sticker. Packages wrapped like this are already perfect to give as a gift or just to make my customers feel special when they receive them.

I knew that I definitely wanted to get more of those cute little stickers (from so I put the new Embergrass logo in the centre and simply added the website address across the bottom. Sorted!
Next the tissue paper... I had been using up tissue paper leftover from items I had sent as gifts to my friends or reusing paper that had wrapped items I had bought or received. The assortment of bright, bold colours fitted in fine with the Carnelion logo but just weren't right for Embergrass. I was running low on tissue paper stocks anyway so I have decided to go for more pastel shades in yellows, browns and pinks to match the circles in my header background.

Inside the Package
Now for the new part! I had been using my business cards inside the packaging to provide some support (and also to send out my business cards!) to make the package a little more rigid but I decided I could do better than that and make it much more professional.

I started by designing cards to attach my jewelry to - these can also be used for display if I ever get around to doing any craft shows or selling in stores. You can see them on the right, I'm so pleased with the way they turned out, exactly what I wanted! I will post a tutorial soon explaining how I made them so look out for that if you are interested.

The best thing about these cards is that I can keep the business card out of the package itself without also taking out my branding and website address. I also designed a little Copper Care Card to offer advice to customers unfamiliar with copper on how to look after it best.

The new contents of a package ordered from Embergrass -
your order, neatly attached to cards, and a cute little care card.

Outside the Package
Of course, I still want to be sending business cards out with my orders so people don't forget where they got the jewelry they love so much and maybe even tell someone else about me :) I was running low on business cards anyway so now was the perfect time to reorder. I loved my moo cards last time so I ordered more and this time 2 sets! I've taken advantage of their feature of having an assortment of photos on the back of the cards to showcase some of my best items. The front has the circles and grass logo and, of course, all the information.

My 2nd set of business cards are coupon cards to make it really easy for me to send out discount coupon codes to great customers! They look almost exactly the same as my business cards but, instead of my details on the front, they have space for the coupon code and some information about it as well as my website.

Outer Packaging
If all those gorgeous contents are going to make it safely to their destination they need to be packaged snug and secure against being bashed around with all those other packages but that doesn't mean it has to be boring or unbranded. I'm using standard, light brown bubble mailers because they've served me well so far and they're just the right size to fit the printed insurance label on the front.

I've simply added a home-printed return address label (with the circles and grass logo) on the back and a branded label to the front, on which I write the recipient's address.

My new address labels
What do you think of my new packaging and branding materials? How do you prefer to receive items you've purchased online?


  1. I LOVE your packaging! The whole set together looks really nice. I've heard a lot of good things about the Moo cards, but I haven't ordered them myself yet. I'm looking forward to your jewelry card tutorial!

  2. Thanks so much :) I do love my Moo cards but I have to admit I have never tried any cheaper alternatives to compare. The jewelry card tutorial will be appearing this week.