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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Inspiration - Snow Melt

I hope you enjoyed my last inspiration post on Valentines day. I'm still working on a few more items relating to it but I decided to post up a new theme anyway.

Living in San Francisco I tend to forget that, for most places across the northern hemisphere, spring is still not yet here. My latest inspiration post is about appreciating the beauty of winter whilst looking forward to spring. That in between stage when the snow starts to melt and the weather warms up a little but it still looks and feels decidedly wintery.

Spirit Helpers
I have made an Etsy treasury with pieces inspired by snow and ice, focusing on deep blue and bright turquoise and beautiful crystals.

Filigree Photos

Frozen water can take on so many forms and colours, the inspiration is endless. Soft, powdery white snow becomes amazing intricate crystals under a microscope.

Eva Ricci

Frozen pools can be the deepest darkest shades of blue or the brightest white and everything in between. Dramatic, sharp lines and bold colours are just as easily replaced with soft, subtle shades and blurred edges.

You can take this in whatever direction you choose, the challenge lies only in deciding!

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