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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Don't rush!

I am heading off on a mini road trip today for thanksgiving. As I sit at my computer remembering all the things I probably should have done before I left and try to squeeze as many as possible into the brief time remaining before I need to leave (and I haven't packed yet) I realise something.
Pooh quote pendant from jjb studio

It never pays to rush.

I don't know about you but when I feel under time pressure with a lot of tasks to do my mind starts skimming over all of them in an attempt to prioritise them, work out the most efficient way of completing them and make sure they all stay firmly in the front of my mind so I don't miss one out. The end result is that I can never focus on a single one, usually end up starting one then switching to another as my priorities change and generally achieve nothing.

So instead of running around like a headless chicken I am going to take comfort in the fact that I have completed all the urgent tasks (except packing which I will go and do as soon as I publish this). All those things that I was putting off didn't seem so important in my mind when I was around and able to do them so I'm sure they will wait a few more days.

Of course spending most of a week away is going to set back my bootcamp posts but I'm sure I can catch up some more when I get back, not to mention possibly being able to write some from the road.

Anyway, time to pack! Anyone celebrating, have a great thanksgiving :)


  1. Have a great road trip! I have some orders for you when you get back!