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Friday, 19 November 2010

Bootcamp Week 5

Right, still catching up on these but steaming along, here's week 5...

Check out 7 Lessons from Adam Braun

Read Etsy's Guide to Photography 

Shoot Photos of Your New Work

Check in with your BootCamp Buddy

Oh dear, I don't like many of those 7 lessons :S

I hate getting out of my comfort zone, though I admit it can be necessary and useful. I've found it helps to deal with it in small chunks and then before you know it, you've just extended your comfort zone :)

Embracing late, sleepless nights is just never going to happen. Not me. I love my sleep. Having said that... I don't remember having had any late, sleepless nights, not over jewelry anyway, so maybe this is not something I need to worry about.

I'm pretty happy with the individual I am so I guess thats one less language to learn...

Am I too cynical... maybe I'm just in an especially cynical mood right now... more so than usual. Maybe I should just stop going through the 7 lessons. Feel free to read them yourself though, see how you feel about them :)

Ah task 2, though, is definitely something I still feel the need to work on. If you've read any of my previous posts you will know that I have already been working on my photography, particularly the background/props in them.
Photography is a hobby of mine (you can see some of the best ones on my DeviantArt gallery) so I already have a decent camera and a basic idea of how to use it. Macro pictures (particularly of flowers) are also my main subject matter but somehow I still feel like I have a long way to go to get the right pictures.

One photo I'm happy with :)

One photo I'm not happy with :(

Since my previous post on photography I have continued to experiment and was actually planning another whole post about it so I'm going to leave this one here but rest assured I will have a new post dedicated to my latest photography research coming up shortly.

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