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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Beautiful and different wedding jewelry

As I'm currently creating my wedding website I am working on new designs for my wedding line. Naturally I am browsing Etsy for inspiration so I thought I'd share some of the best items I've found on my search.
I had hydrangeas in my bouquet and in my window displays at my wedding so this strikingly simple necklace caught my eye straight away. A simple cluster of hydrangea petals and another offset makes for such a beautiful necklace from Patrick Irla Jewelry on Etsy.

Lace is so traditional at weddings although not always worn so much anymore. Put a modern twist on lace wearing by wearing it from your ears instead! These delicate earrings are available from My Mom's Jewelry.

Pearls have not lost their status as classic wedding-wear, and not just for the bride. In this piece, from Sand andC Trains, the flower is made from sea shells, making it perfect for a beach theme, floral theme or any theme!

Copper is an unusual metal for weddings but I personally can't get enough of it and these adorable flowers from EuropeanBride would be perfect for a vintage theme

And so would this pretty "something blue" flower necklace, with its antique finish. When you take a look at Amber Sky's gallery be sure to also check out these beautiful earrings amongst all the other gorgeous items.

I love the cute indentations which turn each tiny diamond into a star on this, otherwise very simple, ring. Made by Seehara, this would make a lovely wedding band for someone who didn't want to always wear their engagement ring but still wanted some sparkle.

Ribbons are so pretty and this ornate cuff from Kirsten Kuehn Designs combines lots of sparkle with ribbon to balance it and make it suitable for so many different styles.

Flower hair accessories have always been used for weddings but artificial ones are becoming more and more popular. These beautiful beaded hair combs made by Tallulah Opal would be perfect for bride or bridesmaids.

No collection of bridal items would be complete without a tiara. This elven, celtic style from Elnara Niall is truly a work of art and would look amazing on any bride, not just for a medieval theme


  1. Some really unusual wedding jewellery, lovely finds, thank you for sharing them x