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Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Gift Boxes!

I decided that it would be nice to ship all of my jewelry in a gift box, not just the pieces which are easily bent or are more expensive and not just at Christmas.
I'm sure you'll agree, jewelry feels so much more special if it comes in its own little box, whether it's a gift or not.

My new custom rubber stamp
Unfortunately the system I had for boxes before isn't great. The round stickers look ok but I was having to hand punch the circles out of the sticker paper. This wasn't just time consuming, it also meant a high chance that the printing would be off center.

I was all set to order pre-printed stickers when I decided to look into all of the options instead. I did my research properly and looked at pre-printed boxes (very expensive) and a wide variety of stickers. Along the way I got my heart set on kraft boxes with a metallic copper logo on.

Custom rubber stamp design
Eventually I found a fantastic solution and by far the most cost-effective - a custom rubber stamp with copper ink. I also found a great supplier for different sized, cotton-filled kraft boxes which look awesome!

I'm super happy with the results. The stamping still takes time but not nearly as much and the results are much more consistent. Any errors add to the handmade charm rather than just looking stupid. I'm definitely going to stick with these until I can afford to get custom-printed boxes!

What do you think?
Custom stamped copper on kraft boxes


  1. Very well are the designs described! I am glad to stop by, thank you for sharing the worthy information.

  2. Lovely and informative, thank you for sharing! I am wondering if you would mind sharing the supplier for the boxes you found as I have been looking for sometime and cannot seem to find what I am looking for. Thank you!

  3. The supplier was Robert Ham which seems to now redirect to