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Sunday, 4 December 2011

Free Gift Wrapping

In case you didn't know, for the holiday season I'm offering free gift wrap on all online orders placed before January 1st.

I thought you might like a little look at what your gift-wrapped jewelry will look like!

Tissue paper wrapping

Orders throughout the year will always come wrapped like this; in tissue paper, sealed with an Embergrass sticker. Smaller and lower priced items will still be wrapped like this underneath their December gift wrap.

Embergrass gift boxes

More expensive or larger items will arrive in their own gift box, decorated with a larger Embergrass sticker. I currently have both kraft and white gift boxes but will be phasing out the white boxes.

Embergrass gift wrap

On top of that tissue paper or gift box, each item will be individually wrapped in rustic kraft paper.

Around the wrapping paper is a simple, white paper ribbon, sealed with a tiny Embergrass sticker.

Labels so you know which item is which!

What if I buy more than one item and they are gifts for different people? How can I tell which is which?

Don't worry, if you buy more than one item you will find a small strip of card tucked into the wrapping with the name of the item on so you can easily work out which package is for which person!

(You get this all year round, too, tucked into the tissue paper instead)

Anyway, I hope you like the gift wrapping. I'm very happy with the way it represents the Embergrass Jewelry style and looks so cute! Let me know what you think about it :)


  1. Very well are the gift boxes displayed! Glad to stop by as got to know some worthy information to know about.

  2. Thanks and thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

  3.  Nicely wrapped! I liked reading the information and yes, the article is very well written.

  4. Goodman and Sons Jewelers9 July 2015 at 14:01

    I love this wrapping, it looks nice, and its always great to get jewelry pre-wrapped for the holidays.