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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My wedding jewelry

If you wondered why I haven't posted in a while its because I have been far too busy with final plans for my wedding (in a week and a half!)

One small part of everything I have been doing has been to make jewelry for myself, my bridesmaids and my mother. In a previous post I mentioned some of the jewelry I had made for myself and the difficulty I had in deciding which pieces I wanted to wear. I have now finally decided and finished making it all so I decided it was time for another post to show it to you :)

I showed my bridesmaids pictures of the types of jewelry I could make and asked them to choose styles of pieces they wanted. I also gave them the choice of pearl, silver or blue, or combinations of the three, and hoped that the result would be fairly different styles which, nonetheless, clearly all went together.

These earrings and necklace were made for Laura along with a matching hair comb similar to the one I made for Lizzie. The necklace is on tigertail wire with silver and glass pearl beads spaced out along it. The earrings are made with the same beads and some delicate wire wrapping on the bottom pearl.

This 3-strand necklace and bracelet set were made for Joey and follow the same silver and pearl theme as Laura's. The slightly smaller glass pearls are set either side with silver beads and spaced apart with silver foil-centred seed beads.

The hair clip is much more decorated than the others, using pearl and silver seed beads to create flowers.

This very simple design was for Polly. The earrings and pendant are made with glass beads and blue and pearl seed beads. The bracelet is made with the same beads but simply arranged in a circle.

And this charm-style bracelet and necklace were made for Lizzie with blue glass beads in two shades and small glass pearls on a silver chain.

These hair pins and comb were made to match with the same blue and white glass crackle beads

After much deliberation over if I wanted pearls in my jewelry or not I eventually decided to stick to materials which would match my ring. Even with this decision made I still got through quite a few designs before finally choosing.

Finally I went for these earrings which are a cluster of swarovski bicone beads attached to a large jumpring, each with a round-ended head pin. The bracelet is very similar - a silver chain with a combination of different sizes of round and bicone faceted swarovski crystals attached along the length.
After testing out different tiaras and hair bands I eventually decided on a simple hair comb encrusted with more swarovski crystals to match the other pieces.

Once my mum had chosen her outfit (brown and cream with a hint of pink) she had a very clear idea of what she wanted in the way of accessories.

All the fascinators in the shops were far too large for mum's taste so I made her this, much smaller and very simple design from 2 different patterns of pheasant feathers.

 Mum also described to me a necklace she had seen in a shop which was perfect but too long. Freshwater, uneven pearls coloured with brown and pink simply strung into a single strand necklace and bracelet to match. The clasp and findings are brass so as to blend in better with the overall effect.

Its taken a long time and a lot of thought but I'm happy with the jewelry I have made and satisfied that it will look good on the day. If I get any good pictures from the day which really show off the jewelry well I will post them up too.

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