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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Colourful Springtime

Spring is the time to break away from all the dull winter colours and lift your spirits. Black, silver, purple... put them aside and embrace the bright shades of coming sunshine! The best thing about buying multi-coloured jewelry is that it can't fail to go with every one of your outfits :)

These butterfly earrings from Accessorize are a perfect example of colourful and pretty.
Or you could make a statement with this stunning orange bangle.

This intricate, handmade necklace from Lorienna Designs on Etsy is both colourful and classy. Each colour is actually a cleverly entwined cluster of bicone beads connected with antiqued copper wire, very impressive!
This equally colourful ring from Aldo Accessories would go with it perfectly.

My offering to the springtime brightness is this green necklace made with glass bead in colours reminiscent of new shoots growing through. Its available from my Etsy shop along with a pair of matching earrings.